Thursday, January 22, 2009

Park City

This last weekend Boyd and I went up to Park City for the sundance film festival. My dad and mom go every year, and because boyd and I live in Utah, we were able to join them this year. We had so much fun and saw so many great films. This is a picture of boyd and I in park City.

Here we are waiting to see a film. We saw a really good documentary called prom night in Mississippi. It was about a little town in mississippi who last year, 2008, had their first integrated prom. It was weird to think that segregation still goes on in the united states, but the film shed light on the students who were activly trying to change the racist behavior in their town. It was very inspiring, if you have the chance you should definitely see it.
There were many famous people in park city, but this is the first one I saw and got a picture with. Can you guess who it is? I'll give you a hint... Home Alone.

We also had time, because of the holiday, to go snow boarding! Boyd is a pro so he just hit the slopes, but my mom and I are beginners so we had a lesson. But by the end we had the hang of it! My mom went the whole way down the mountain without falling. Our instructor said we were impressive. I on the other hand, liked to sit a lot. Whenever I felt I was going to fast I would just fall over, still working on how to stop :)

My mom as a snowboarder... Isnt she so cute in her hat?! My dad was seeing films so he didn't join us, but he will next year!

We had such a fun time and have to thank my parents again, for such a wonderful trip!


Holly & Matt said...

fun fun! haha you and macaulay culkin! I want to hear all about your trip- I'll call you soon!

Cameron and Lindsay Rondo said...

first off, I love that your mom did it!!! That's awesome! Snowboarding really stinks for the first time but after the 5th time or so, it's bliss!
And the film you saw sounds really interesting. I had no idea that a prom would still be segregated.
And I love that you got a picture with guy from Home Alone (can't spell his name).
Jess, you're so fun!

Annie said...

I wish I could get Tom on the mountain. Looks like so much fun.

Classic Jones said...

haha- your mom totally told me about this snowboarding trip last sunday while we visit taught "eachother" hahaha