Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer as Newly weds

So far our summer as newly weds has been quite exciting! We spent a week in Guadalajara Mexico with my parents. We had an absolute blast. The picture below is us in front of an orphanage. We went with a group of students at a local university. We brought a lot of toys and played with the kids. Boyd and I each found at least one that we wanted to take home... but they wouldnt let us :( It was a really nice orphanage that even had a little doctors office in it. The kids looked happy.

This is Boyd and I walking down the streets of Talaqueapaque. This is the town I buy my purses from!

There was a really neat round about in the middle of town and on sundays local band would play in the middle of it. There were also people selling puppies, paintings, food and other little crafts. I liked mexico a lot because everyone spends a lot of time outside and on the streets socializing. They didnt seem to rushed by time. It was a nice change of pace!