Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The "haps"

The month of May was quite exciting! To name a couple things, I had my 23rd birthday! Which was awesome thanks to boyd's stellar birthday planning abilities. A couple days after my birthday, I offically graduated! I actually graduated in december, but I walked in the ceremony in May. In my book, it isn't official until you toss your hat. My wonderful parents came up to see me graduate. It was a really special day. Thanks Boyd, Mom and Dad!

(I did not photo shop this photo at all. My husbands eyes are just that beautiful! I have coped with the fact that he out-shines me in every photo with those baby blues)

The parental units, me and Boyd.

The next exciting thing, we moved! We moved into a house at the Golf course we work at. The house belongs to a wonderful family, and they are so kind to let us live in their basement. We absolutlely love it out here. It is so beautiful, and there are so many fun things to do. We have more space than we need in this place, and we are just having so much fun. We are absolutely being spoiled, and cant imagine we will ever live in another place that is as nice as this one.

(Boyd, me and some friends on the golf course. The house we moved in to is the one in the background).
We love southern Utah, and are so grateful to be here.

The Basement has a full kitchen, two bathrooms, a couple bedrooms and.... washer dryer hookups!! Its the best. The ceilings are freakishly tall. I would post more pictures but it will reveal that I am not the best house keeper :)
Again, thanks Brackens! I hope you know we are staying forever.