Sunday, October 2, 2011

A little bite out of the Big Apple

This weekend Boyd and I went to New York! We are sad to see summer go, so we decided to go on a "farewell Summer" trip. Boyd had never been to New York, and because it is one of those "must sees," that is where we headed. It was a very short trip as we both had to work on Friday, and needed to get back to work on Monday morning. So, after work on Friday we took a red eye and landed in New York at about 7 a.m., Saturday. We wandered around the city, ate delcious street vendor food, saw the sights, and headed back to the airport and arrived back at our home on Saturday night at 11:00 p.m.

The weather was perfect and the people were rad; so, in true Bowers fashion we wandered around aimlessly discovering little treasures.

Just a few pics from our trip:

View from Central Park
Times Square

Rockefeller Center

New York thin crust Pizza from some Hole-in-the-wall restaurant on Broadway

We stumbled upon the Korean Day Parade. AKA: The parade came out of no where and we accidently started marching in it.

Boyd going up to the 8th floor of Macey's.

Another pic of the Korean Day Parade. This is a picture of me yelling to Boyd to come rescue me.

Empire State Building

View from Central Park

In front of a train in Macey's

Sunday was spent sleeping and recovering from our sleepless 24 hours. And now with a little taste of the big apple (and delicious new york cheese cake), we are ready to welcome Fall with open arms.