Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well I just have so much to blog about lately, but I will start with my hair. I have a good friend Sam or as I sometimes call her, Sammy, is in hair school. She is so very talented. Well she needed someone to do hair on for a photo shoot, so I volunteerd! She did a weeve and then styled it like a 20's finger wave. It ended up being really super cool. I wish I lived back then I just love the style of hair and dress, it is just so classy. But anywho.. here is a picture of it.. do you notice anything different about me?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tag, Im it again! Wedding..

1. How old were you? 21
2. What jobs did you and your fiance / husband have?Boyd was going to school and I was playing water polo for SDSU
3. How long was your engagement?A little over three months
4. What shape of diamond was your wedding ring?a Circular diamond in a square settting! I love it and i am proud of boyd for picking it out all by himslef.
5. What season were you married in?The winter, in between semesters.
6. Who married you?Brother danes, I think that is how you spell his name. He did a perfect job!
7. Who was your maid / matron of honor?My beautiful sister kim. And she did a great job.
8. Was your wedding dress white?yes very white.
9. What were your colors? Raspberry Pink and chocolate brown
10. How many bridesmaids? Three, my sisters Kim and Annie and my best friend Holly. They always say your bridesmaids shouldn't look better than you, but these three ladies look beautiful no matter what! they definitely stole the show :)
11. Did you have a flower girl and/or ring bearer?I had three flower girls!
12. What flowers did you have for your bouquet? Gerber daisies. My favorite.
13. What kind of flowers did your bridesmaids carry?roses and gerber daisies
14. Did the groom wear a black tux?Nope he wore a brown suit.
15. Where was the ceremony?San Diego Temple. Or as some say in san diego, the big Castle off of the 5 freeway.
16. Did you wear comfortable shoes or neck-breaker high heels?Heels, but they were so cute!
17. Who gave you away?Technically no one...
18. What was the most memorable part of the ceremony?When we almost couldn't get married because we didn't have the right paper work, the wedding was delayed like 2 hours. Thank you to everyone who hung in there!
19. Did you have a reception?Yup, a lovely one.
20. What was your favorite gift?we had so many great gifts from everyone! but we did love the money and gift cards.
21. What was your least favorite gift? We love everything free
22. What kind of cake did you have?A five layer chocolate and raspberry cake. The bottom three layers were square and the top two were circular. It looked amazing, and it was done by my sister in law. Thanks annie I loved it! and it tasted good even a year later when we ate the top.
23. Disc Jockey or Live Band?I think it was an ipod actually, cant remember
24. What was the name of the song for your first dance? Life is a road, the song from Anastasia..
25. Who caught the bouquet?I dont even remember!
26. What kind of vehicle did you leave in?My Toyota
27. If you could change one thing about your wedding day what would you change?I would have had the right paper work so we could have been married on time.. but it was still a magical day.

Thanks for the tag sam, it was fun reminiscing about my wedding.
And I tag anyone who wants to talk about their wedding, who doesn't want to do that!?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So my question is, Why does everything break at once?! Boyd and I are having a very hard week when it comes to our appliances. First up: our car. We got a ticket for having a burnt out headlight... In the day time! I have running day lights and one of them was burnt out, so one of st. george's finest pulled us over and gave us a ticket. Who were we harming!? Is that a real reason to pull someone over? urg. Then we found a nail in our tire, Our air conditioning stopped working in the car. And for st. george, air conditioning is a must! And something is wrong with the starter, it has a hard time starting up for whatever reason. We are taking it in today, hopefully it isn't anything expensive. Keep your fingers crossed!
Next up: the TV. We got a new TV a month ago, we LOVE IT! (it is an older tv but new for us). On sunday evening we were watching the Discovery channel, our favorite, and the TV just turned off. Just like that! it isnt the power or anything, the tv just broke :( So we have been playing charades in the evenings for entertainment. I have to admit, it has been entertaining. Boyd is quite theatrical. But we would love to have our TV just start to magically work.

So why do all bad things come in 3's? or 5's in our case...

Because that is life. But I can still be mad about it.