Saturday, July 17, 2010

Guadalajara, Mexico 2010

This last week Boyd and I went to Guadalajara Mexico with my family! My dad teaches at a Univeristy in mexico for the summer. This is the second time Boyd, me and my mom were able to visit him and this time, my lovely sister was able to go. We were there for 8 days and had an absolute blast. We spent the vacation eating, relaxing, enjoying the beautiful weather and sight seeing.

Boyd me and Kim at this awesome restaurant, Adobe. It was a giant furniture store and a restaurant.

It is amazing how beautiful it is there. The trees are so mature and everything was so green! partly because it was rainy season.

We went to the movie theatre, and the only movie playing in English was Toy Story 3 in the VIP theatre. Turns out, the VIP theater was a little more expensive, but... we sat in lazy boy chairs and had waiters! They had Delicious chocolate cake.


This is the Glorita, On sundays everyone comes here and brings puppies, crafts, and food and walk around this little park.
Famous painting by Orosco. (not sure about the spelling).

It would all of the sudden start to pour, then it would clear up. My mom didnt have an umbrella, so she was struggling with this pancho.

After Mass, the catholic church would sell these divine churros. They cost like 20 cents, 20 cents of heaven.

We went to this orphanage that houses about 200 children. My dad's students put on a party for all these sweet children. They brought three different pinatas, one was a life sized clown. While I was freaked out by it, the children seemed to rather enjoy it.
These two ones are brother and sister, my sister almost took them home.
This little guy is Bruno. He is one year old, and the most adorable child. Turns out, he didn't fit into my purse. Oh don't think I didn't try! All the kids wore red shorts and white shirts. They didnt have shorts to fit the little ones, so they would just waddle around in giant pants.

They had a music program, so the kids played us a couple tunes.

We ate at a lot of different delicious restaurants. One of my favs, La O.

We ate on a porch of a mansion.
The gang. . .
Universidad de Iteso.


Thanks everyone, we had a blast. . . . Love you!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4, 2010

Signs of a successful Fourth of July Weekend:

  • Trash bags full of used paper goods.
  • A Throbbing headache from all the sugar and soda.
  • More hot dogs than you know what to do with.
  • A Wicked Sun burn
  • Eye damage from standing way too close to your husband setting off his own fireworks.
By those standards, Boyd and I had a VERY successful Fourth of July! Hope you did too.