Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Pace Visit

Well Boyd and I have had a very Eventful month. So I thought I would start at the beginning. Early this month we had the Pace clan come and visit!! It was so much fun. My mom and dad caravan-ed with my brother and his family from southern California. We started off the family weekend by going to an apple picking orchard by Zion National park. (Photos courtesy of Annie, thanks!!)

I love this little family! Tom, Annie, Darcy & Kayla.
My mom and dad.
My Nieces were so good about helping me fill my bag up with apples!
Boyd and I currently live across the street from the Sand Hollow Reservoir. It is such a fun place to go swimming and play in the sand.

We also went to the Dinosaur Museum, I have been wanting to go ever since Boyd and I moved to St. George. The girls were a little disappointed that there were not actual dinosaurs, but it was still pretty interesting.
We also drove through Zion National Park. Earlier that day, I got bit by what I now believe to be a black widow spider, yes a black widow. My leg swelled up and bruised, but of course I was not going to go to the doctor. I would take some Benadryl and press forward through the day. Unfortunatly, the medicine made me sleepy, and I slept most of the way through Zion. But from what I saw from the pictures it was beautiful!

As some of you might know, I am the youngest in my family. My siblings aren't that much older than me, but growing up we were always in different stages in life. I have always had a very close bond with my family, But I am grateful for this time in our lives where life has evened out our age differences. It is no longer a "my older sibling" type of relationship, but a real and sincere loving friendship. Love you Paces, hope to see you very soon.