Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well I just have so much to blog about lately, but I will start with my hair. I have a good friend Sam or as I sometimes call her, Sammy, is in hair school. She is so very talented. Well she needed someone to do hair on for a photo shoot, so I volunteerd! She did a weeve and then styled it like a 20's finger wave. It ended up being really super cool. I wish I lived back then I just love the style of hair and dress, it is just so classy. But anywho.. here is a picture of it.. do you notice anything different about me?


Holly & Matt said...

when i first saw this picture i was like, "wow that girl looks kinda like jessica". ok what the heck. so that's just a weave and none of it's your real hair? the colors actually look really good on you. and i love the makeup and red lips! i've never seen you with so much makeup. you look stunning!

Jessica said...

No thats my real hair, she just did a color weave, basically made me more blonde... I never wear that much make up!

Annie said...

I love it! You look fantastic!