Sunday, January 25, 2009

Neighborhood hero

Yesterday afternoon Boyd and I were sitting at home, and a little knock came from our door. So we opened the door, and a crew of neighborhood boys (around 5 years old) were at our door step. It seemed that one of them had gotten his shoe stuck in the tree, and in attempt to get the shoe out they also got thier football stuck. So they requested that Boyd help them. As it turns out, the shoe was at the top of this giant tree! (we suspect a brother threw it up there). So boyd started climbing, very impressive I might add. One little boy said, "He is like a monkey!" Well after a lot of climbing and shaking of the branches he got the shoe and football down. The crew of five year olds cheered! He is now known around the complex as the neighborhood hero.

This weekend it was a bit cold and rainy, so we made treats! The rain triggerd our sweet tooth. here are some carmel apples. . .

And home made oreos! Boyd really enjoyed these. He was so excited that he almost dropped them! But I was able to save them from sliding off in the nick of time. From the look on his face, I dont need to tell you how much he LOVES sweets.

Needless to say, Im starting a workout routine this week.

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Annie said...

Go Boyd!!! That is too funny. and your treats look divine!