Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So, I have a lot of catching up to do! December was a very very busy month, so Im just going to sum it up with some highlights in one big post.

December 19, I was able to see my niece turn two!

One morning at 3a.m I Woke up to find it a winter wonderland outside. So boyd and I went out and played in it, for fear it would melt by the morning. We took out his snow board and he pushed me around the parking lot. We had a lot of fun, but Boyd was really tired for his final at 8 a.m.
After we were done outside we went in and had apple cider, then went back to sleep.

We headed down to san diego to spend christmas with my family. While there, we did all of our favorite things, including visiting sea port village. Our favorite place.

It was beautiful weather!

I was able to visit with some good friends of mine....

Found out that Holly is having a BABY!

Spent Christmas with my family.. (This is a picture of Kim and I christmas morning).

Celebrate One year of marriage with the man of my dreams...

We had a wonderful year, cant wait to see what 2009 has to offer.


Annie said...

We are glad we got to see you both for the holidays. We love you!

Darcy says "come back soon!"

Holly & Matt said...

such cute pictures! My favorite is of you laying in the snow at 3 in the morning. oh goodness I miss you again...