Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Visit from the Parental Units

My Parents decided Sunday night to come and visit Boyd and I in St. George for a couple of days. (Partly because I told them that I had let my health insurance lapse, so they came up to get me insured...oops) We always love visitors and we had such a good time. It has been an action packed couple of days. We visited, golfed, sewed, ate good food, got health insurance, shopped and went to a play! Here are some pics of the last couple days.

Boyd and My dad went golfing at the course we work at, while my mom and I crafted!

We went to the Tuacahn.. It is an outdoor amphitheater built into the unique red rock of st. George.. its super cool.

My mom and dad at Tuacahn...

We saw the play footloose, it was very entertaining!
Im into aprons these days, so my parents bought me this super cute apron!

Thanks mom and dad for a great visit!


Cameron and Lindsay Rondo said...

aw how fun! The apron is super cute! And the Footloose sign fit your guys' hair color perfectly! haha... post what you guys crafted, I want to see!

Beach Mommy said...

That's nice that your mom and dad came to visit! We were just driving through St. George last week and ended up staying in Mesquite Sunday night. I thought of you guys. It was HOT! I'm jealous you have a shade, downeast basics and gymboree outlet too!!

Lil' LeBaron Family said...

What a fun weekend...or week, whichever it was!!!

Annie said...

We will have to plan a "REAL" visit one of these days! hahaha

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Love the apron!!!