Thursday, May 28, 2009

So much to blog about, so little time!

Sorry to all my blog friends, for it seems I have forgotten you. Well, not to worry I haven't.. Its just that these past two months have been a complete blurr! I will try to fill you in. Well, we finished our semester. This was BY FAR the hardest of my life. I had the great idea to take 21 credits so I could be done with school. Needless to say, I spent every day of my life in the library for three months. Boyd and I both finished the semester with good, we decided to treat ourselves to a little vacation. We went to his family's cabin in the mountains of Utah. We had a blasty blast. I call it camping, because to me camping means you are in the middle of no where with wild life and no TV or Internet. Or for that matter cell phone service! Boyd laughs because we stayed in a cabin with running water and electricity-- aparently he doesnt think that is camping. Ii would like you too look at the pictures and decide for yourself if you think it was camping. After you look at the photos I am sure you will side with me!

So the cabin sits on 1500 acres of his family's land. On the land is this cute little lake! (I am on the left, his sister Kara is on the right).

Boyd decided to pick a fight with his sister while sistting in a canoe.. For the record he lost.

Kara and I making smores..

Aye Aye Matey!

Boyd on the Four Wheeler.. He got stuck in that little river.

We also played baseball.. Please dont laugh at my girly swing.

We had so much fun and it was so great to relax. We just played cards, read books, and took long naps that were highly over due. Thanks Bowers/Johnson family for a great vacation!

To peak your interest, I will be blogging soon about the Medieval-Days of Camelot fair.. You shan't be dissapointed!


Kimberly said...

camping. no doubt about it. Camping. sorry boyd.

Annie said...

I say camping. Looks like tons of fun too!

Maybe not so much for Boyd... hee hee!

Crandallions said...

yeah i'm glad you're back to blogging! i've missed seeing/hearing what you two are up to. and i say camping too because that's just how californian's camp, with running water and electricity. you two are so cute! miss you!

Cameron and Lindsay Rondo said...

Jessica! I'm so so glad I ran into you while we were both in San Diego! And I'm also glad you updated your blog! Way to go with 21 credits!!!! That must have been hard.
I 100% side with you on the definition of camping. No phone service?! now come on... if that isn't camping, what is?!

Holly & Matt said...

um yes, that was camping.. I'm so glad you finally blogged- you look so cute in all your pictures! I miss you loads and can't wait to see you! Oh and I am completely intrigued by this talk of a Camelot fair! post again soon!