Friday, October 10, 2008

Marathon = Death

So Kim and I did it! We ran the St. George Marathon! It was a long rainy and cold 26.2 miles but we finished... It was a really fun weekend, mom dad kim jim and ellie all came up. On friday we did pre- marathon activities like picking out our running outfits and CARBALOAD!! haha. Kim and I decided to bring a camera and take a picture of every mile we ran. It was a total blast.. here are some pictures... (notice the progression)

(Mile 6 lookin good)

(mile 11.. felling ok. Dont worry, we beat the man in flannel pants)

(mile 16, and our mother with a crazy plastic bag hat, im out of the picture because im crying..)

(mile 24... I feel like death)

The END! I felt pretty bad.. but we were happy it was over!

We got a cool finishers medal and t- shirts. Although it was my first marathon, it is officially my last. Im hanging up my running shoes and retiring... Love you kim.. thanks for everything!


Holly & Matt said...

HAHAHAHAHA!I LOVE IT! I love the mile 16 caption that says you're not in the picture because you're crying! hehehe! Oh man, I seriously cannot imagine running 26 friggin miles! wowwwww..........

Annie said...

You both are my heros. I'm sooo impressed. Good job for stickin' it out. I bet it's like child birth, when it's over you swear that it will NEVER happen again but then for some crazy reason it does. All totally worth it!

P.S. I think the plastic hat rivals your Dad's turbini!

jeny said...

way to go, Jess. It has been fun getting to know you better. The marathon is DEFINETLY like childbirth (if you are wondering).
It is horrible, but for some reason, we choose to keep doing it over and over again.

We are crazy!!