Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keeping things Weird.

This last weekend, Boyd and I went to Portland, Oregon. Random? Absolutely. Fun? incredible. Place I would live? No doubt about it. Boyd and I honestly believe that our souls led us to to this little place of green trees, cloudy weather, and misfits. Don't believe me? You soon will.

We needed to get away because it has been a stressful as of late, with our new jobs, and all three of my grandparents passing within the last couple months. So Friday morning we hopped on a plane to Portland, Oregon. We didn't have any plans and thought we would just wing it. It was absolutely gorgeous and green and we had a blast!

Down Town Portland.

We went to the Saturday Market, where all different artisans gather and sell their hand made products. You wouldn't believe all the creativity! It was amazing. I love to sew and haven't done it for awhile, and it totally inspired me to get back to the thing that I love!
As some of you may know, my rockin husband can play the accordion. Yes, the accordion. While there, we found this man on the corner playing one. Of course, boyd went up and talked with him and they decided that they should "jam" together and put together a street corner band.
Another thing about us, we LOVE doughnuts. I think I even have blogged about doughnuts in the past. Well Portland happens to be the home of the famous VooDoo doughnuts. We waited in line for an hour for two doughnuts.. and it was worth it! They were all shaped funny and had silly flavors like chocolate and Bacon.
One day, we rented a car and decided to drive to the coast. We got to Cannon Beach, and found some of the most beautiful beach scenery I have ever seen. It was so different. Loved it.

Doesn't he look like Boyd??
When we got to Cannon Beach, we were hungry. So we stopped in for some tasty clam chowder in a bread bowl.

We then kept driving up the coast to Astoria, Oregon. It was this quaint little industrial beach town.

All the houses were these pretty little victorian cottages painted with bright colors. They told us it is nicknamed little San Fransisco because of the steep hills. LOVE it.

Pics are out of order, VooDoo.

Astoria. (The movie Goonies was filmed in this sweet little beach town).

We were talking to the man at the rental car place and he told us that people are rarely "from" Oregon. Most residents are people who visit Oregon, and find that it is the only place they fit in. And let me tell you, that is kind of how we felt.

Things I love about Oregon: The trees, people, city life, the fact that everyone has frizzy hair not just me, quaint homes, fun tunnels, beautiful beaches, yummy food, cloudy weather, dog friendly, easy going atmosphere, and really the overall culture and feeling.

Things I Loved about our trip and traveling with boyd: Not having a plan, Duck store, exploring, notoriously getting lost (we ended up in Washington), people watching, naps, long drives, making friends on the public transit, talking to the homeless, flying on planes, buying magnets, taking pictures.

I think we would do an awesome job at keeping Portland Weird.


Holly & Matt said...

That looks and sounds so freakin fun! One of my favorite parts is that you stayed in line for an hour for a donut. I remember being on the phone with you one time and you guys were making donuts. hehehehe!

p.s. take me to Oregon with you next time. I've always wanted to go!

Lil' LeBaron Family said...

Sweet!!! That's how vacations should be :) So sorry to hear about your grandparents. We need to get together so we can catch up.

Logan and Jennilee said...

Hey Jessica! I randomly came across your blog! Me likes it! Let's be friends?

Beka said...

Someday when you live in Portland will you have a basement that Jake and I can move into??:)