Saturday, August 14, 2010

Real Salt Lake

I think I have mentioned in previous posts that Boyd and I love sports. We have made it a goal to see at least one game (in person) of every professional sport. So far we have crossed off the list: football, baseball, basketball.. and most recently soccer! we went up to Salt Lake to see their professional soccer team. Our friends Robby and Jessica came with us and we had so much fun! The stadium and the crowd were amazing. Unfortunately, Salt Lake tied.. but an exciting game it was.

Stadium Arcadium...

These guys played the drums throughout the entire game. They had fog machines, confetti and drums... perfect recipe for an awesome cheering section.
We also had the opportunity to visit Boyd's grandma and grandpa. We love them so much.

Next up: Hockey!


Annie said...

How fun is that??? You guys are the cutest.

Jessica and Sean said...

Ok, next time you are in Salt Lake you need to call me! We live seriously right down the street from the RSL stadium and we are season ticket holders so I am sure we were there with ya'll...somewhere. Anyways, looks like you had fun.