Monday, November 24, 2008

Tis' the Season!

So its mine and boyds first Christmas! And because we are poor newly weds, we have decided to make our own ornaments. Last saturday we bought our tree, I know its a little early, but i just couldnt help it! So the last week or so we have been working on some crafts!

Our first "batch" of ornaments consisted of a wierd blend of Apple sauce, cinnimmon, and glue! it made this wierd dough, then we rolled it out, and cut shapes out with cookie cutters.

After they hardened we hung them on the tree... this is the end result! And they make our house smell delicious.
The second ornament is a quilted ball. My mom sent me her christmas fabric scraps, and styrofoam balls. We covered them with the scraps of fabric and we came out with cute ornaments!

This one is my favorite!

We also strung popcorn, hung up candy canes, and little red bows. This is our tree so far! It looks prettier in person. We have one real ornament that my dad gave us last year, its hanging in the middle up near the top! (we are missing a string of popcorn on the bottom, becuase as i was stringing, boyd was eating!)

Boyd and I are having so much fun being poor. It forces us to be creative and we get to spend quality time together. Not too mention all the great memories we are making! Thanks mom for sending those supplies!


Holly & Matt said...

You guys are the cutest! I love your tree and the ornaments are so adorable. I love the quilty little ballies!! Can't wait to see you at Christmas time...!!!

Holly & Matt said...

yeah ok i put the picture of matt in the blanket up as a joke and showed it to him but he said he didn't care if i left it up. so i did.. HAHAHAHAHAHAH i laugh so hard every time i see it so i'm glad you like it too!!!

Annie said...

Cute tree guys! You know I love handmade things. Good job!